USF reached out to BallerFX to help them build a new, more flexible motion package to engage their fans in-game across all sports venues.

The creative squad was looking for a package that had a South Florida feel that focused on the Tampa skyline, palm trees and a gritty texture.

USF is known for their wide array of colors and logos, so we made sure that they had access to adjust team logos, colors, and text to keep the package fresh and allow them to flex for themed games and special events.

Logo Loop
Matchup Loop
Editable Crowd Prompt
Replay wipe

All toolkit assets are simplified to minimize controls and adjustments to their core needs.



Toolkits are best when they are simple to use with one centralized set of controls. 

Shown here is the Logo loop and Matchup loop with easy to use dropdowns for quick, easy adjustments. When an update is made, that update is rippled across all boards.

These toolkits allowed USF to make holistic changes to team logos, colors, and names while preserving the animation.

Changes made once and rigged to ripple throughout for a quick turnaround.


USF has a sizable color palette that they incorporate into their design. With green, white, and gold as their primary colors, they also use slime green, gray, and pink for specific occasions. 

Instead of making them enter a hex code or change a color picker every time, we tied the colors into a friendly dropdown for easy selection.

In order to maintain the integrity of the assets, the color dropdowns are broken down into background, palms and text. 

Giving them full control of their color palette within this package, they have the ability to make changes on the fly while still maintaining control of the art direction.



One of the biggest technical challenges in building out these toolkits for a variety of boards and venues is preserving the animation and motion language while fitting each asset to different screen dimensions.

This is the power of toolkits and rigging comps to be fit the needs of each venue.

Regardless of the text length input, the animation will flex to fit the text within the bounds of the screen while also preserving the look and feel across all boards and ribbons.


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