• Task: Create intro animation for the 5-part documentary series
  • Parameters: Showcase 2019 draft picks and introduce the series ending on the title logo lockup
  • Credit: Design team final logo lockup

I started with the logo lockup layout, and iterated on concepts:


Lucky Rooks title thumbnail

None of them totally felt right, so we kept going and ended up landing on a curved look based off of the lower right option. This curved look  hit just right because it's the same font and style of the player names on the back of the Celtics jersey's. Now that we landed on the logo look, I needed to prepare the illustrator files to be imported into Cinema4D.

Lucky Rooks logo thumbnail

Once in C4D, I knew the Rooks was the central focal point that I would animate. It's also the part that needed the deepest extrustion. I started out by keeping it all green and doing a white trim around the letters. It worked ok, but didn't really provide the contrast needed to separate from the background.

Lucky Rooks Green

To create more contrast, and improve sense of depth, I added the bend and shear deformers to help better shape the bottom side of the text and changed that color to white. The basketball bump texture on the front caps was taken from a modeled Basketball.

Final video execution:

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