The NLL initiated a rebrand heading into the 2023-24 season to build from their Morning Star shield and reinforce their bright future.

From a starry night background to constellation grid structure and vibrant gradients for energy and evolution, BallerFX teamed up with the NLL creative team to build out an editor's toolkit.

As with all BallerFX toolkits, flexibility and usability were key components.

Matchup Graphic
Title Card
Logo Loop/Screensaver (also one with text for livestreams)
Modular Score Bug
Modular Lower 3rd
Logo transitions x2

All toolkit assets are simplified to minimize controls and adjustments to their core needs.


Toolkits are best when they are simple to use with one centralized set of controls. 

We distilled the matchup down into 2 dropdowns. One for the home team and one for away.

All team elements (logo, name, primary and secondary colors) were tied to the dropdown. Knowing all of the teams, and embedding their logos and colors allowed us to automate as many elements as possible for this asset.




The title card is the most technical piece of this toolkit, and ultimately delivered the most versatile asset, as well.

The title card can have a title with logo below, or with the click of a checkbox can morph into a full logo only. The logo can be replaced in either scenario.

The gradient has a myriad of color options. Colors can either reflect team colors, or if NLL is selected, they can use a variety of their predefined colors. The gradient position and angle is capable of being edited depending on the length and height of the title being used.


´╗┐Building off the rest of the package, the Lower 3rd follows the same style and rules. 

Starting with the teams, the Logo and colors are predefined bythat dropdown. 

The names and titles can be entered on the fly and the Lower 3rd will flex based on the length of the names and titles so we maintain a consistent look and feel.

The team logo and second name can be toggled on or off for even more flexibility.


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