The Astros reached out to BallerFX to create their 2022 postseason motion branding that encompassed digital needs and in-venue graphics package.

It was essential for the team on the ground to be able to easily update and edit this package to keep the content fresh throughout the team's playoff run, so a basic toolkit was built for efficient retooling.


After losing the 2021 World Series to the Braves, the Astros were focused on leveling up in 2022.

Text moves from left to right to convey a constant motivation to advance and bring home the Commissioner's Trophy.

Alternating between stroke + fill reinforced this "leveling up" mantra. There was also a need for the text to be edited. The toolkit allows for flexibility in text width while maintaining proper spacing.


The Player Animation asset needed to remain flexible, so they could update for all players. In order to make this efficient, all layers related to the players name or number were consolidated into one instance.

Player images and footage could be adjusted on the fly, so they could keep the content fresh throughout the Playoffs.


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