Notre Dame reached out to BallerFX to create a motion toolkit for their 2023-24 season that encompassed their social media coverage + YouTube channel.

The theme for the 2023-24 year was focused around "All Fight." BallerFX leveraged contrast of size and color to reinforce their motion with more "fight" which you will see is carried across all assets for continuity.

It was essential for the team on the ground to be able to easily update and edit this package to keep the content fresh throughout the team's season. A toolkit was built for efficient updates to lower 3rds, highlight intros, and social prompt templates.


The Upper/Lower 3rd needed to have a variety of different uses for the editorial team. It also needed to be easy to use for team members ranging from interns to full-timers.

The Lower 3rd has multiple options that can be leveraged on a per use basis. Options included:

• Upper/Lower 3rd with automated position
• (3) Different background options
• Remove logo/number
• Toggle between ND logo and player number
• Adjust colors for background, names + number
• Toggle between Single/Double names
• Single line option
• Updating player name, title + number (which automatically adjusts box size based on the length of name/title)

The animation will remain consistent through all these changes.

Tying all of this capability into one asset makes it a breeze to quickly update and adjust on the fly for the editor within Premiere.




Similar to the Lower 3rd, the highlights intro needed to remain flexible while maintaining the brand look + feel as they updated for each sport.

To maintain an efficient toolkit, there are two options:
• Team + Sport
• Opponent

Tying multiple outputs into a single input makes it simple for the editor to quickly update on the fly in Premiere!


Notre Dame wanted to add more motion to their social channels during their live coverage of games.

BallerFX created both text only versions and prompts with player names for some variety.

Base elements across these prompt templates are built from the ND Social graphics while maintaining the style and "Fight" aesthetic across sports.

These toolkits saved the team hours of time while also giving them more flexibility to share more content during their live coverage.




Credit: Logos + gold texture provided by ND Design Team

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