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Why is my process modeled after Elephants? We often talk about the "Elephant in the room" as a problem that needs to be addressed. Content is intended to solve business problems creatively.

Outside of being enormous, yet majestic, here are some additional Elephant characteristics: 

  •  Elephants are 1-in-5 mammals that can recognize themselves in a mirror (Humans, Great Apes, Dolphins, Magpies are the other 4)
  • Their trunk is strong enough to lift objects twice its size, but is also nimble enough to pick up a single leaf or berry
  • They're so large they can't jump, and they walk on their toes

  • They consume 50 gallons of water and 70,000 calories a day (that's a TON)

  • They're capable of living in many different environments, and will migrate when living habits no longer suit their needs

  • They live in herds and protect one another

Based on those characteristics, here are the six components that I believe work in tandem towards producing great content:

  1. Intelligence - Commit to personal growth Y-O-Y by focusing on developing 1-2 skills (how long depends on scope and depth).
  2. Use your trunk - Be adaptable and learn how to problem solve.
  3. Stay on your toes - Plan ahead, but prepare to pivot based on information gathered along the way.
  4. Consume tons - Be attentive in content consumption, and bring in influences outside your area.
  5. Migrate - Get uncomfortable and be willing to explore different environments.
  6. Cultivate Community - Share what you learn and think about how you can set your teammates up for success.

It's a continuous process and requires time and energy. It doesn't happen over night. Consistently moving is the key. Accumulation of inputs, experiences, and knowledge happens over time. 

National Geographic source video for bulleted list above:


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