• Task: Create intro animation with logo for new Celtics esports team CLTX.
  • Parameters: Tech feel that leans dark and edgy.
  • The logo is full of sharp angles in squares and diamonds.

A couple parts jumped out at me:

  1. Lucky's tie
  2. Shamrock on his hat

Digging deeper, I recognized that the shapes of the shamrock reminded me of the action buttons on a Playstation controller. I used those to add in the CLT from left to right. I also noticed that there was an "X" in the negative space that made up the shamrock.  

  • Solution: The team's crossover "X" identity is the core element. Elements of the inverted shape make up the logo and "X" also plays to crossover gaming. I used the strong angles of the diamonds from the bowtie and shamrock as the focus. The glitchy and semi-stiff animation tie together the tech, dark, and edgy feeling that was requested.

Final intro animation execution:


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